woensdag 12 december 2012

Maghreb Athletic Tetouan (Arabicالمغرب التطواني‎; formerly Atlético Tetuán and also called Maghreb Tetouani, acronym MAT) is a Moroccan football club based in Tetouan. The club was founded in 1922.
The club is the current (2011-2012) title holder of the Moroccan football league system Botola.


In 1917, Tetouan saw the appearance of its first clubs of football, "Sporting of Tetuán" and "el Hispano-Marroquí" ("The Spanish-Moroccan"). One year later these two club are fused and that gave the birth to the "Athletic Club".
After the Spanish Civil War the club changed its name to Club Atlético Tetuán. During the Spanish Protectorate of Northern Morocco the club played the 1951-52 season of the Spanish Liga after winning Spanish Segunda División (the southern group) in the season 1950/1951.[2] They were (and still are) the only club based in the African mainland to play in a top European league. Nevertheless, they were relegated immediately and spent the rest of their Spanish football league system stay in Segunda División, until 1955-56.
After independence, the club was split into two clubs, Club Atlético Maghreb based in Tetouan and Club Atlético Tetuán that merged with Sociedad Deportiva Ceuta to form Club Atlético Ceuta, now playing in Spanish Tercera División.

MAT Tetouan.